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Easy Ube-Flavored Ice Candy Recipe

Yummy, creamy with an Ube kick! – Jazzy A.

Here in sunny Florida, we always welcome cold treats. What better way to enjoy the heat and humidity through deliciously home-made Pinoy style ice candy. Today, we dip into UBE heaven with our simple, Donyol's style recipe!

Ube is also know as purple yam, which is a kind of root crop that is a popular dessert ingredient in the Philippines. It's getting popular on this side of the world due to its pretty vibrant purple color and vanilla-like flavor.

Easy Ube-Flavored Ice Candy


1 can 13.4 oz Sweet Cow Ube-flavored    condensed milk

2 cans 12 oz evap milk

1 can 7.6 oz Nestle cream

2 cups water

dash of salt



  1. Mix all ingredients in a big mixing bowl (with spout preferably).

  2. Use a hand blender or spatula to mix evenly.

  3. Funnel mixture to plastic molds.

  4. Freeze at least 3 hours or overnight. 

  5. Enjoy!

Makes 16 using 11-inch popsicle molds

You can also substitute the ube-flavored condensed milk with a regular plain version plus a few teaspoons of ube flavoring. Adjust flavoring levels to your preference.

Lastly, please don't forget to share your thoughts or post photos of your own creations at the comments section. Good luck, friends!

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