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Taste of Asia Night Market Popup 11/17/2023

Team Donyol's was in Tampa for a second popup event! The crowd and co-vendors were AWESOME. Fun vibes and pure energy spiced up Felicitious Cafe and its front yard. Donyol's actually SOLD OUT an hour before end of event. We are so thankful that everyone patiently waited in line to try out Donyol's delicious lechon belly cutlets, atchara side, hanging rice/puso or jasmine rice combo. Our coconut jam / latik and atchara jars were a hit too.

We loved sharing tidbits about the Philippines cuisine, most importantly, authentic Cebu lechon belly to our clients. We also cherished how most clients were very adventurous and wanted to try Cebu / Filipino lechon for the first time.

Donyol's is always proud to showcase Filipino dishes that satisfy cravings and ignite a different part of your palate. And we can't wait to serve hungry humans again!

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